Why Rent Office Furniture?

There are many reasons why it makes more sense to rent office furniture rather than purchasing it.

Free Up Your Capital

Renting office furniture is tax-deductible.

Greater Flexibilty

Rent only what you want you need, when you need it!


Minimise waste! We repurpose furniture that's not needed.

Renting is Cost Effective

Hiring is usually 100% tax-deductible! Don’t use your company’s capital on non-revenue generating assets.

Deskworks has the best rates for office furniture hire, per week, per month or for longer-term projects. We provide our clients with the best rates so their capital can be used more productively.

Greater Flexibility

If your team grows or shrinks, renting provides flexibility to adapt your office furniture to your company’s needs!

If you need to add new staff urgently from winning a new contract, or if your new furniture is late our services can make transitions stress free.

As part of the service, Deskworks can advise on the appropriate furniture as well as workplace design and layout that will best suit your requirements.

A Sustainable Option

Renting office furniture is the most environmentally friendly way for your company to source furniture.

When your office needs change and you don’t require the furniture anymore, we will pick it up and repurpose it for another client increasing the desks lifespan.  

High Quality Furniture Range

Deskworks has an extensive range of office furniture for rent in Auckland. We offer high-quality modern desks, chairs and additional furniture that will fit any contemporary workplace.

The workstations and desk systems can be linked together to accommodate staff groups or be installed as single units. The desks can be straight or right-angled depending on your needs.

Deskworks maintains all furniture in our own workshop that ensures all hired furniture is in excellent condition.

We're Carbon Neutral!

At Deskworks we have spent a lot of time designing a desk which can minimise environmental impact. We believe our desk system is the greenest in New Zealand.

We have partnered with The Waikere Trust and have established pine forest blocks in Northland. In conjunction with this, we have also created an on-going native tree planting project. Learn more about our Environmental Policy.

Renting is easier than you think.

Just send us your plan or layout or meet us on-site and we will provide a quote to supply and install all furniture required for your specific time. This will also include the dismantling and removal.