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Office Furniture Hire Auckland

Deskworks has the perfect easy solution.

Just send us your plan or layout or meet us on site and we will provide a quote to supply and install all furniture required for your specific time. This will also include the dismantling and removal.

We can pick up access cards so you don’t need to leave your office.

You set the install date and arrange the staff move.

Because of our desk design we have the lowest cost for delivery and installation of any furniture company in New Zealand. Our commercial clients have told us time and again that it is cheaper and so simple for them to have us handle the temporary furniture for them.

It saves you time and money .

Even if you have your own old furniture in storage, the time and cost to get it to site and arranged is often more than our full contract !!

Short Term Lease


Long Term Rental


Custom Design Solutions


Professions that rent our furniture includes; accountants, lawyers, advertising agencies, movie companies, IT companies, call centres, commercial businesses, government departments, educational facilities, real estate companies, construction companies and more.

Find out why renting is the best option for your business


What lengths of Rental are Available?

DeskWorks provides flexible options for hiring or leasing.
We offer:

Short Term Rental – This could be a few weeks for extra staff on a special project or a seasonal busy period.

Standard Hire – Setting up or adding to your office with no fixed term.

Long Term Leasing – Provides rental with a minimum period which is agreed. This is extremely competitive.

Lease to Own – Provides you with ownership of the furniture at the end of the period.

Do I save if I hire over a longer period of time?

The longer the rental the lower the rate. Ask our rep about great special deals for longer terms!

If you would like more information on our rental furniture, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service staff