Our Environmental Policy

We believe our desk system is the greenest in New Zealand. Deskworks has a desking system which is New Zealand designed. Not only it looks great and provides endless configuration options for all offices, it is also designed to be green.

Our Environmental Contribution

Renting office furniture is the greenest option. When you rent, there is no furniture wastage. If you move or don’t require your furniture, it is collected, refurbished and rehomed. Your office can be changed to suit your on-going needs with no excess furniture to dispose of. The furniture is then refurbished and reused in other offices to continue its journey.

Our business cannot eliminate our carbon footprint totally. We do need delivery trucks and vehicles to run the business. Our aim is to cancel this out to be a negative-impact company. Not only have we designed our range to be as green as possible, we have also gone further.

Deskworks has partnered with The Waikere Trust and have established pine forest blocks in Northland. In conjunction with this, we have also created an on-going native tree planting project.

Deskworks donation’s help towards continuing both projects. This provides us with exclusive rights to any carbon soakage benefits. Both operations increase their impact with every years growth, which includes carbon soakage and also enhances the environment to encourage wildlife to return.

Our Environmentally-Friendly Desk System

At Deskworks we have spent a lot of time designing a desk which minimise environmental impact, features include:

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